I Built this Home

from the darkness,

the sun

Moments now,

and gone

Sharp letdowns,

highest hopes

Time running out


light bright

keys lost in the

middle of the night

Bare land burnt

days on end

Years did not


Turned around

rearview navigation,

the great unknown



I Built this


way back


all of everything

fell roughly

gently into


I Built this


of dust and rust

burst through barriers

stardust shimmers

roaring fires

soothing souls

Found my key

broke that lock

ran from rain

felt the shine

I Built this


far from perfection

did not meet my previous expectation

now it is

all I’ll ever need



Number One

Today I got the news.  I was accepted to my first ‘big girl’ college.  The University I have been dreaming of, planning on, and working so hard towards for the last two years of my life.  Portland State.

So many decisions to make.  So many things to plan.

And so my future awaits.  I am proud, excited and completely terrified.

This vision still afloat

now in

the hands of

all the planets’ pulling

The unsettling of

the heart pushes

now, against

the palette of my path

until I reach that

fork that stands out

So very well


we are

even in the dark

But the light is coming soon

No coins will

be tossed

Which way the wind

blows is

no matter to me

I see

Not right, nor left

not seen, only felt


New Skies

Your hair all over my bed

Your face, in my head

You bring out the new in me

change the way I see

I’m learning how to readjust

and all the ways of letting go

I don’t know what will be

But you have been the best possible thing

All I know,

all I dream,

these days


If the stars fell from the sky

If the airplanes no longer flew

You are the one I want to lean on

And just maybe we could learn to fly

Into a brand new dawn


I may go out kicking and screaming,

at first 

but that will soon fade

While I encompass your mind, long after I’m gone

Will you enjoy your bitter shade?

All those times you could not wait,

to be rid of me

Reverberate your soul now

in a different plea

Don’t you worry,

I will leave quietly

Freedom is yours

Disappearing deeply, ever so softly,

closing those doors

The only sound now is the shattering of hope

Dead in the night

After all this time, I have lost all my fight

And if you ever wonder, my dear

What became of that girl you once knew

Bury each and every thought

For I will surely be doing alright


Within the endless stars, 

I found only a few 

On the darkest night, 

They led me through 

Where am I going now, 

There is no way to know. 

What will be my masterpiece 

How will I grow? 

Observations and mystifications 

Endless ways to reinvent 


Who will I be?

Is life just breathing 

Or can we really feel

Does anything even run so deep

Of feel half as real. 

Puddles Turn into Rivers

I walked along, in the pouring rain, as slow as I could

 one foot in front of

 the other 

 I wasn’t cold, I never felt a thing 

 Chet Baker in my ear, you were in my


 I was covered in


 Dancing quietly under



 But what about my bed? 

 Those cerebral storms 

 Is it as empty as it feels 

 I’m not so much lost as, 

 Streetlights in my frame 

 Heartbeats guide me and I know exactly 

 where to go

 what to do 

 The celestial gleam is pulling 

 There are puddles

now and 

the streets are collecting 

 the sky’s downpour 

The night is mine,

I should 

 Go home 

 Call it a night 

 Still I keep sloshing through the

night rain 

 Tides pulling me 

 in every which way 

 There is no where left to go, 

 the sidewalks are rivers 

and I am

swimming now 

 in thoughts of you