Compression Confessional

Sometimes I hold my breath so hard

the wind knocks me


When I cannot, do not want to

gasp for

air, there

is nothing keeping

it in, away

Hidden, buried below

all my


Not now or

evermore, will

expectations cease

stabbing me senseless,


until I’ve dissolved

misunderstood, intensely


fiercely wanting



Moon Vibes

Life takes us on all sorts of journeys throughout endless paths.  Sometimes these happenings makes sense and most of the time it feels quite sporadically undetermined.

I’ve been in the throws of demanding college life and trying so hard to hold onto my inner light amidst the roller-coaster of daily emotions that I feel so deeply.  While I am honored and excited to be immersed in such an enriching and essential education, I miss the feeling of freedom.  Still striving to find a better and healthier balance between my demanding responsibility as an academic and the carefree soul that I used to be.

The tides pull me in and out, up and down; my breaths sometimes struggle to keep up.  But I am hopeful, as always.

Love and light,


PS. If you believe in any sort of higher power, force, or existence PLEASE send some positive energy out into the atmosphere regarding my next Bio Exam this coming Wednesday.  Biology is really doing a number on me this semester and I need all the positivity that I can get.  (Sometimes I feel that studying forever only gets me so far…)