Tabula 4


  This is me. Day 4. 

I was ashamed of my body for most of my life. 

Not any more. I’ve been wearing whatever I am comfortable in this summer and I will continue to do so.

Throughout this cleanse, I know I will lose weight and slim down, but that is not why I am doing it. I’m doing this for my health. For my future.

Okay, so back to day 4…

It came to my attention that I probably should have went to my doctor to get a physical done before starting this detox to make sure everything is okay. So I scheduled an appointment today. 

I’ve felt more motivated today and a bit more energetic, but the tiredness has still been pretty overwhelming. Hence, the scheduled physical. 

Overall, I feel good. And lighter. I am not a scale person, but I have been weighing myself  throughout this cleanse in order to know what is happening with my body. As of today, I’m down 12 pounds. 

Tomorrow I will be quarter of the way through this. 



2 Replies to “Tabula 4”

  1. With such a hectic schedule, how do you plan for having more lemonade if you’re out and about? Do you make it in the morning or do you have the opportunity to mix the ingredients throughout the day? I also want to improve my health but for me the biggest obstacle is having to plan ahead for being away from home. Thanks for posting your journey ☺️


    1. So far, my method has been to mix up half of a daily batch in the morning before I leave for work/school. Then, as soon as I get home in the afternoon, I prepare the other half. I personally think it tastes better when you don’t mix it ahead of time, but I don’t have the option of preparing each glass separately.
      If you have any other questions, please ask!

      There’s is also an amazing Facebook group that I follow. It is very informative and as well as supportive for anyone who is currently on the cleanse or thinking about doing it in the future. It’s called: The Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet Support Group


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