Puddles Turn into Rivers

I walked along, in the pouring rain, as slow as I could

 one foot in front of

 the other 

 I wasn’t cold, I never felt a thing 

 Chet Baker in my ear, you were in my


 I was covered in


 Dancing quietly under



 But what about my bed? 

 Those cerebral storms 

 Is it as empty as it feels 

 I’m not so much lost as, 

 Streetlights in my frame 

 Heartbeats guide me and I know exactly 

 where to go

 what to do 

 The celestial gleam is pulling 

 There are puddles

now and 

the streets are collecting 

 the sky’s downpour 

The night is mine,

I should 

 Go home 

 Call it a night 

 Still I keep sloshing through the

night rain 

 Tides pulling me 

 in every which way 

 There is no where left to go, 

 the sidewalks are rivers 

and I am

swimming now 

 in thoughts of you


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