Tabula 7&8

Day 7 was felt easier than the prior days.  Although I was at work and around food all day, I wasn’t tempted.  The only thing I do miss on a daily basis is coffee.  Not for the caffeine content, but because I love the taste.  I’ll have to really decide if I want to start drinking it again after I finish the cleanse.

Day 8.  I was painfully tired in both my classes today and it really worried me.  Thankfully, I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled soon, but ironically it is on the first day after I am planning on ending my detox.  If I start to feel a deeper decrease in energy, I may end sooner than I planned.

Wasn’t tempted by food today until I went to Whole Foods to buy more maple syrup and lemons.  Just being in the produce section made me want to devour all of the fruit.  I also really miss cooking.  It’s weird to come home and just drink liquid for dinner.  But I remind myself that this is temporary, and worth it for my health.

On another note, I have been sleeping better, which is why my tiredness concerns me even more.  I should be more energetic, not less.  Also, my skin looks so much healthier.  You can definitely notice a change in my face.

I am off to bed.  I have an early midterm exam in the morning.

Oh, and as of tonight, I have lost 22 pounds.



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