Tabula 5&6

Day 5: This was my first day working while on the cleanse.  I work at a restaurant so that made it mildly difficult.  But I reminded myself that there will be plenty of healthy food waiting for me when I am done detoxing.

No headaches at all.  Feeling more energetic.  So much in fact that I took a trip to Coney Island.  Went on the Wonder Wheel and the Swings.  It was fun.  The most challenging part of the day was being around all that Carnival food.  My sense of smell is heightened so my nose was going crazy.  In all honesty though, I wouldn’t have eaten any of that fried food anyways.  Frozen yogurt though, that is a different story.  I decided I need to go back again this summer, when I can indulge a bit.

Day 6: The day went well at work again.  I was less tempted than the previous day.  I felt good, but didn’t drink enough of my lemonade mixture at work.  I came home with the intention of preparing some more and having a relaxing night.  I had only been home for 10 minutes, went to take out the trash, and locked myself out of my apartment.  No keys, no phone, NOTHING.

Long story short, I was tired, hungry, thirsty and frustrated.  Eventually, I met my very nice neighbors who helped me out and I made it back into my apartment.

I’m convinced after making it through this crazy day that the rest of this cleanse is going to be a breeze.

Sidenote: As of tonight, I am down 20 pounds 🙂


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