Tabula 3

Day 3 was not nearly as painful because my splitting headache almost fully disappeared. I drank more of the lemonade mixture than the previous days to boost my energy level, still I was crashing in both my classes.  The most difficult thing so far has been to stay motivated on schoolwork and studying. Thankfully, this summer semester isn’t too demanding. 

The most challenging part of the day was when my roommate was cooking dinner and the smell was drifting into my room. It was some meat-based dish that I’m sure I wouldn’t have wanted to eat, but it sure smelt good to me in the moment. 

I decided to put on some Netflix and go to sleep early.  I really have to isolate myself because, let’s face it, the world is ruled by food. It’s everywhere you look!  Plus, I follow so many food-based pages on IG and FB that’s it’s basically torture to be on social media at the moment. It’s best if I just sleep. At least I am getting more rest. 


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