The Master Cleanse

For the past 6 months or so, I have been having a very difficult time sleeping.  What started out as mostly shooting thigh and upper leg pain, moved on to other parts of my body.  The most concerning was lower back pain.  Eventually, the pain was not only while I was laying in bed, it was present throughout most of my day.

Long story short, I saw a neurologist that scheduled me to get an MRI.  The verdict?  I have 2 bulging discs in my lower spine.  The culprit of my lower back pain was identified.  I think the most concerning thing was that my doctor told me that I can no longer run as a form of exercise (this could worsen the problem) and that I need to spend less time standing of sitting for long periods of time.  Ummm, yeah right.  My life is work and school.  It is demanding.  It is physical.  It requires me to be on my feet or sit at a desk/computer for extended periods of time.

The only real solution?  Lose weight.  I’ve heard it countless times.  I’ve also been successful in many of my weight loss endeavors.  I am majoring in nutrition and am aware of all the things needed in order to be healthy.  But my busy schedule makes it sooo difficult.

Approximately 6-7 years ago, I heard of the Master Cleanse.  Instead of explaining it in detail, I will provide this link in case anyone is interested:

The first time I did it, I went for 16 days.  Before this, I was still a carnivore.  After cleansing my body of all the toxins I had collected in my, at the time, 28 years, I decided to transition to a Vegan diet.  It was tricky, but well worth it.  I have never felt so great as I did back then.  My body felt so much healthier.  I felt energetic and alive.  And I didn’t constantly feel sick anymore.

Fast forward to now.  I am no long Vegan, but only because I introduced and eggs and some dairy back into my life over a year and a half ago.  There are parts of me that believe this may have been a mistake.  Overall, my health was always in better condition while I was following a Vegan diet.

So here I am.  Borderline high blood pressure and serious chronic pain.  Bottom line?  I need to lose weight.  Now.

I have decided to do the Master Cleanse again.  This time for 20 days. Believe me, this is no easy decision.  (Following through with this journey working and attending classes full time is going to be brutal.) But it is one that I am doing for the overall well-being of my body.  For my future.

I am hoping to lose a significant amount of weight and to eliminate the constant pain that radiates through my body on a daily basis. Most importantly, to kick-start myself back into a healthy life. I’ll be tracking my progress here.  Feel free to follow along.

Thanks for reading and following my story,



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