These past two months.  Whoa.  Seriously.

Life is such a ride.  Sometimes I bounce back slowly.  Sometimes I feel like I can fly.

Transitioning to the new and unknown is mostly second nature to me at this point.

Today I woke up with this uncontrollable anxiousness to move on to the next chapter.

And I will.

I find that I rarely have patience these days.  But it’s because all I feel is passion and drive.  Ambition.  Knowingness towards the dream.

I know exactly what I want.  Is there anything more wonderful than to know where you are headed?  What you want to accomplish, who you want to be around when you finally get there?

I have this burning desire to pack up all my things now.  I can barely hold in all the excitement.

How will all this work?  I do not know.

My only goal is to survive in this crazy city for seven more months so that I can move on to bigger, better, brighter things.

I am so ready.


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