It was the dawn of the end of time. Really though, it was just the beginning. 

I was as lost as I had ever been. Whirlwinds blowing through my mind. 

The days were cruel. The nights stabbed at me. 

They aren’t all laughing at you, so why does it feel that way. They believe in you. That is supposed to make it easier, isn’t it. 

This new me is merely a shell, a place to absorb information and hope that it will stay. A slave to my education. A prisoner in my own city. 

Freedom is having a choice, and I know that I do. But if I choose not to suffer this temporary pain and jeopardize my future, what else is there. 

I finally found my purpose, but in the same breathe  I know that it is all I have left. 

Will this purpose fix the holes that radiate day to night? When will I be good enough. 

Soldiers enter combat knowing they may not survive. 

Maybe I will lose and maybe I will win.

Still, I am prepared to fight. 


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